Vieno sraigto ekstruderio principas ir taikymas


Kaip įprasta ekstruderio įranga,į vieno varžto ekstruderisis used in plastic processing industry. What is its principle irstructure? Below is į analysis for į vieno varžto ekstruderisfrom į extruder conveying section, compression section irmatavimo skyrius.

The effective length of vieno varžto ekstruderisis generally divided into three sections. Three effective sections are determined according to į screw diameter, screw distance irscrew depth, which are generally divided into one third each.

High efficiency vieno varžto ekstruderisadopts two-stage overall design, strengįns plasticizing function, ensures high-speed, high-performance irstable extrusion. Special barrier comprehensive mixing design ensures mixing effect of materials. High shear irlow melt plasticizing temperature ensures high-performance, low temperature irlow pressure metering extrusion of materials. The design concept irfeatures ar tai high speed irhigh yield extrusion bases on high straight level.

Tjis pvieno varžto ekstruderio principas

A thread behind į feed port is called į conveying section. The material here is required not to be plasticized, but to be preheated ircompacted under pressure. In į past, į old extrusion įory thought that į material here is loose. Later, it was proved that į material here is actually a solid plug, that is to say, į material here is solid like a plug after being extruded. Therefore, as long as į conveying task is completed, its function yra padaryta.

Pvieno varžto ekstruderio principas: The second section is called compression section, į volume of screw groove gradually decreases from large to small, irį temperature should reach į degree of material plasticization. The compression produced here is from conveying section 3 to 1, which is called į compression ratio of screw - 3:1. Some machines also change, irį plasticized material enters into į third section.

Pvieno varžto ekstruderio principas: į third section is į metering section, where į material maintains į plasticizing temperature, just like į metering pump, į melt material is accurately irquantitatively transported to į die head. At this time, į temperature can not be lower than į plasticizing temperature, generally slightly higher.

The vieno varžto ekstruderisis mainly used for extruding soft, hard PVC, polyethylene iroįr įrmoplastic plastics. It can process a variety of plastic products, such as film, pipe, plate, ribbon, etc., ircan also be used for granulation in combination with corresponding auxiliary machines (including molding head).

Tjis plastic extruder has į advantages of reasonable design, high quality, good plasticization, low energy consumption, low noise, stable operation, large bearing capacity irlong service life.

Vieno varžto ekstruderio naudojimas

Pipe extrusion: suitable for PP-R pipe, PE gas pipe, PEX cross-linking pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe, ABS pipe, PVC pipe, HDPE silicon core pipe irvarious co-ekstruzijos kompoziciniai vamzdžiai.

Sheet irsheet extrusion: suitable for PVC, pet, PS, PP, PC iroįr profiles irplates extrusion, taip pat oįr kinds of plastics extrusion, such as wire, rod, etc.

Extrusion of profile: adjust į speed of extruder irchange į structure of extrusion screw, which can be used to produce PVC, polyolefin iroįr plastic profiles.

Modified granulation: suitable for blending, modification irstrengįning granulation of various plastics.

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